Care Packages

DHNOLA delivers three different types of packages throughout the year; Parents of Preemie Day package in May; Holiday Care Package in December; and Stork Care Packages throughout the year as requested.

These packages consist of a bunch of goodies and a lot of love. We know what it is like to experience Intensive Care Unit living, so we package some of our favorite necessities. Each package is a little different, but all include items that are particularly useful for the care giver of a child in ICU.

We ask for donations throughout the year from family, friends, locals, and businesses. We accept monetary donations as well as specified items from our wish list. Our packages consist of individual packaged snacks, water bottles, thermal totes, pens, journals/notepads, hand sanitizer, lotion, trial size facial tissue, gift cards for food and coffee, a baby blanket, a hat, a baby outfit, a letter from a fellow preemie mom, nursing pads, lanolin ointment, and a baby book to read to the new bundle of joy.

We are continually growing and as we grow, we are able to deliver more hope. We are lucky to have access to a warehouse at a local family owned and operated business, Huey Brown Kitchen and Appliances. We meet at the warehouse and assemble our packages, load up our cars with the specified number for our local hospitals and then we disperse and start delivering our little packages of hope for our two large annual deliveries. Our goal for both of these deliveries is 200 care packages. In addition to these large deliveries, between December and May we deliver our stork packages to individual families that have reached out and asked for assistance. We gratefully accept help from anyone who has time to spare.

Contact us to learn more about our Care Packages.